Letter From Ohio Constitution Party Executive Committee To Chairman Clymer Withdrawing From Participation But Retaining Affiliation With The National Constitution Party

Chairman Jim Clymer

Constitution Party

23 N. Lime St.

Lancaster, PA  17602


Dear Chairman Clymer,

Pursuant to a vote of the Ohio Constitution Party State Committee in emergency session on May 13, 2006, which was called in accordance with a resolution passed unanimously at our State Convention on April 8, 2006, a resolution regarding participation in National Party functions was passed unanimously. The text of that resolution is attached.

The resolution passed by the Ohio State Convention empowered the Ohio Constitution Party Executive Committee to make decisions, subject to State Committee approval, regarding potential responses to the actions of the National Committee regarding the discipline of the Nevada Independent American Party affiliate to the Constitution Party. The decision of the Ohio Constitution Party Executive and State Committees is contained in the resolution of May 13, 2006.

The Ohio Constitution Party is withdrawing from all co-operative activity with the National Constitution Party as regards payment of donations, dues and assessments, provision of new contact information since they are our property, attendance at any and all party meetings, withholding of access to our ballot line except by majority vote of our State Committee. Furthermore, the Constitution Party of Ohio retains ownership of that name and similar names for our exclusive use.

Under no circumstances may this letter, the attached resolution or any other communication be construed as a disaffiliation from the National Constitution Party. We are withdrawing from active participation, not our affiliation.

Sincerely holding to principle over politics,

Chuck Michaelis

Chairman, Ohio Constitution Party

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