From the “No Kidding!?” Dept…..

Well, it’s now confirmed as a scientific fact. Men’s and women’s brains are different. Who’d a’ thunk it?

According to this article published in Britains online version of the Telegraph, science now confirms what every man and every woman not blinded by an irrational ideological attachment to the “no difference between men and women” dogma already knows- men and women think differently. And that’s because their brains are structurally different. They are also different in wiring. Men have 1/3 more synapses in certain parts of the brain while women had larger connective areas between the frontal and temporal lobes.

College students take note; the next time a professor of one of the humanities or one of the soft sciences (sociology, psychology, etc.) tells you there is no difference in men’s and women’s brains, you can say with confidence “bunk!”