Fallout From The Tampa Debacle

This is a speech delivered by Chuck Baldwin at the Freedom 21 Conference held in Dallas in July. In it you will hear what has happened to the Constitution Party in the wake of the disastrous Tampa decision and subsequent party split and ongoing disintegration.

Note that the life issue has a rather obvious second if not third-tier status. The real issue to Baldwin is illegal immigration and American sovereignty. Not to disparage national sovereignty as an issue. It is one of the most crucial issues we face in this country.  But Baldwin ignores one of the most important reasons that God has permitted American sovereignty and in fact all of the structures of Christian American society,  to come under attack; our disobedience to God’s laws, especially regarding the murder of the unborn.

Chuck Baldwin illustrates that the conversion of the Constitution Party from an explicitly Christian party to a secularized libertarian party is now complete. The principled elements heve been vanquished, so it’s now OK to ignore the idea of being centered on Christ and embrace the idea that a return to the Constitution can “save us.”

Chuck Baldwin at Freedom 21 Conference July 2008