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A Pagan Review Of The New Creation Museum

This article reviewing the new Creation Museum in suburban Cincinnati was found safely and snugly nestled between ads for gay bars, strip clubs, massage parlors, escort services and personal ads in a local Cincinnati Fish-Wrap and Bird-Cage Liner known as City Beat.

You won’t have to read very far for the ad hominem attacks to begin, with phrases like “intellectual molestation,” “fraud” and “ignorance is a form of terrorism” peppered throughout the article. Apparently Ken Ham has struck a nerve and the pagans and atheists are howling and calling for him to be immediatel and permanently silenced by whatever means necessary. Nice work Mr. Ham!

How many logical fallacies can you find being employed by the writer and the scientists?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

A “Creative” New Way To Tax Churches

The Columbus Dispatch has a story today (June 16, 2007) about a new tax imposed on churches in the guise of a $25 annual “permit fee” to allow a church (or other entity, though it’s difficult to imagine who else would use candles regularly) to hold candle light services.

The comments by the various local officials who are clearly uncomfortable and working very hard to “pass the buck” is telling.

Read the article then tell us what you think by leaving a comment.