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VERY COOL! Machine Gun Shoot!

Car explodingHave you ever seen, heard, felt or even shot a fully automatic or very large caliber rifle? It is an experience that no one should miss. If you live anywhere near Rushville (Fairfield County) Ohio come on out and get in on the action!

This is a fund raiser for WLRY, the station that carries The American View radio program sponsored by Camp American. So Come on down and help out this fine Christian radio station!

Time to get out and heat up the buzz guns once more.The date is May 5th cars & targets will be in abundance this shoot. As always there’s no range fee’s no parking fee’s and plenty of room on the firing line.All we ask is that you make a donation to the Radio station 88.9 the light.The range is located 2 miles north on 664 from the town of Rushville.Look for the large red and white Radio tower in the east side of the road.Anyone with questions, or if you get lost my Cell number is (740)252-6624

Ohio Family Lobby Day

April 25, 2007 in Columbus, Ohio

Decisions are being made for you, on your behalf many times without your knowledge. Meet with your elected officials and or their staff face to face. Discuss issues and legislation of interest to the Christian family that are pending or proposed to the Ohio General Assembly.

Our civic responsibility does not end with our vote on Election Day. We hired these men and women to represent our families and us now we must hold them accountable.

Issues and Legislation before the 127th Ohio General Assembly:

    Covenant Marriage
    Banning Homosexual Adoption & Foster Parenting
    Total Abortion Ban
    Community Defense Act
    Abstinence Funding, School Vouchers Plus many more

Receive training and information about the issues that concern you and your family.

Meet like-minded concerned Christian citizens who want to make a difference for such a time as this.

Sponsored By Pro-Family Network, Ohio Christian Alliance, Citizens for Community Values, Family First and Institute for Principled Policy, Citizen-USA Newspaper

Click here to see a printable copy of a flyer that you can distribute

Click here for a printable copy of the application form. Please print one out, complete it and fax it to 614-386-9804

To pay your registration online click here to go to our store “Events” category. The Ohio Family Lobby Day choices are there. You can use your Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card or Pay Pal account to pay the fee. Then download a copy of the registration form and fax it to 614-386-9804. Indicate that your fees were paid online on the form. Then you’re registered. It’s easy.