Another “Revelation” From The “No Kidding!?” Dept….

Irony“Brain Scans Show Bullies Enjoy Others’ Pain” screams the headline in this breathlessly reported Washington Post article. Well, ya’ think?

We sometimes find ourselves a little incredulous at the nattering boobery of the so-called media elite, especially when it’s over something as obvious as this.

Of course bullies enjoy spreading misery. Otherwise they wouldn’t do it. It may come as something of a shock to the Washington Post staff writers but there are a limited number of things that motivate fallen man. Avoidance of pain and pleasure lead the list. Bullies get pleasure by inflicting pain. It’s pretty simple, but it took a study by a Psychology professor at the University of Chicago to get the WaPo to see what most of us “lesser lights” grasp more-or-less intuitively. The fact that parts of their brain “light-up” when they are feeling the pleasure of inflicting pain is one of the “stunning revelations” of the study.

We’re underwhelmed.