A Review Of Mitt Romney’s Speech Not About/About His Religion

Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries, a multi-faceted Christian apologetics ministry, recently reviewed the speech given last week by presidential candidate and former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney.

Dr. White is an expert in the Mormon religion and his insights and analysis of the speech in light of his knowledge of Mormon doctrine are quite informative. This analysis is taken from Dr. White’s live streaming program The Dividing Line. The actual program lasts about 1 hour and this is an excerpt from it.

We think this analysis speaks for itself and so here it is-

Dr. White’s Blog is currently running a series on Mormon Doctrine and has just run an entry on the current controversy on Mike Huckabee’s question regarding whether or not Mormon doctrine teaches that Jesus and Satan are spirit brothers. While Mormon leaders are leading news outlets like NBC to believe that they do not, Dr. White’s documentation makes it clear that official church doctrine does teach this. The article is headed Does the LDS Church Teach Lucifer is a Spirit Offspring of Elohim, and Hence the Spirit-Brother of Jesus?