A Great “First Friday” Event with Institute On The Constitution

Over this past weekend (Friday December 7, 2007) while on a trip to Annapolis MD for a family activity, I took some time to visit the folks whom I have begun to look on as my second family. I visited the offices of Michael Peroutka in Pasadena MD.

The occasion was Michael’s annual staff and friends of the Institute On The Constitution (IOTC) Christmas party (note: not a “holiday” party) and quite a party it was! Michael played guitar and was accompanied by several talented musicians and also some budding talent in the children there who played various percussion instruments. The emphasis of the party was on the coming of Jesus Christ, family and fun. We sang Christmas carols, listened to Christmas hymns sung by incredibly talented singers and received generous gifts. This celebration of Christ and family was part of the “First Friday” program run by IOTC. Oddly enough, “First Friday” happens on the first Friday of each month and features speakers on various subjects from Buddy Hanson on developing a comprehensive Christian worldview to Coach David Daubenmire. You can buy DVD or Audio copies of “First Friday” presentations and a number of very good books related to IOTC’s mission of training citizens in the US Constitution here.

I was able to catch up with friends from the old Constitution Party National Committee (pre-Tampa, before it became a pathetic derelict of a party, smashed on the rocks of pragmatism and devoid of all of its best thinkers and workers) like Scott Whiteman (there with his lovely wife and 4 sweet, beautiful and well-behaved children), other friends like John Lofton co-host of The American View radio show and IOTC’s Susan Scanlon who I’ve talked to several times on the phone but never met. I also met several folks I knew of but had not met like Pastor David Whitney, who is very involved in IOTC, having served as co-host with Michael on radio presentations on the US Constitution. Pastor Whitney has a great “pastor’s voice” and if you have listened to any of the IOTC audio materials on the Constitution, you’ve very likely heard it. It is one of those very recognizable voices.

Michael was a most kind, gracious and generous host, and I had a wonderful time and was uplifted by being there.

I thank the Lord for men like Michael Perouka, John Lofton, David Whitney, Scott Whiteman and the many contributors to the efforts of IOTC. They don’t just talk a good game they play it, and they play it to win! May God grant us more such men!

To listen to The American View radio program in central Ohio tune to WLRY FM 88.9 MHz on Saturday mornings at 11:00 AM (available online, as well). You can also get it on iTunes or at The American View website.