A Fresh Look At John Freshwater

Schools In RuinsFinally! A balanced look at the Freshwater case! And it took a California based para-church ministry to get the job done.

The Chalcedon Foundation has run an article on the matter that seems to cover all of the bases, something the local news media and some Christian para-church ministries have tried with varying success. Most media outlets, among them the Columbus Dispatch and local TV station news, have taken the Mount Vernon school board yarn as gospel and disseminated it as unquestionable fact. Other self-styled unofficial spokesmen for Freshwater walked into the lion’s den of tabloid cable infotainment programs only to emerge badly mauled by hosts bent on crucifying John Freshwater as someone who would purposefully “burn crosses into childrens’ arms” in the most sensational way possible. None of these “news” outlets has bothered to let facts get in the way of a good story.

The Chalcedon article does what the so-called “mainstream media” has completely failed to do- cut through the rhetoric and the sensationalism to get at the facts of the story. They also expose the underlying motivation of the Mt. Vernon school board for trying to fire a teacher so accomplished that he was the 2007 teacher of the year and his students, which included a large number of special education students, outscored not only all the other teachers in the district on the science standards test, they also beat the national average.

Read the article here.