A College Degree: Is It Worth It?

My answer would be: it depends.  The last couple generations have been told that a college education is the only way to “succeed” in this world.  However, this generation is finding that this mindset is not necessarily true.  The following article, http://news.yahoo.com/1-2-graduates-jobless-underemployed-140300522.html, paints a much more realistic view for recent graduates.

Now, I am not against higher education.  There are many fields of study which require advanced degrees and training.  For those fields, I am a strong advocate for college.  However, for many, their aptitude and skills (as well as the job market) may lead them to pursue alternative career options that do not require that enticing “sheepskin”.

I have always encouraged my children to pursue college ONLY if their career goal requires an advanced education.  Now, with information coming out such as that found in the attached article, along with student debt of over 1 trillion dollars, graduates are finding that their degree and promise of a better life are not all they were promised.

Also, with government projections showing that only 3 in 30 future jobs will require a bachelor’s degree, there is even less motivation for students to obtain a bachelor’s degree, only to be burdened with significant debt and finding themselves working in a job well below their expectations or training.

So, is a college degree required for success?  Not necessarily.  Weigh your options, evaluate your personal skills and abilities, assess the current and future job market, determine the cost/benefit of the possible student debt, and then make an informed decision.

Bruce Purdy

Secretary/Treasurer Institute For Principled Policy